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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


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Billy Blue

(Full Title):

Billy Blue
What can you do
With some bubble gum?

Billy Blue
Can you chew
If we give you some?

I can chew
Said Billy Blue
You see, I do have teeth.

I can chew
Gum that's new
If you give me a piece.

We'd like to know
Can you blow
Bubbles with that gum?

I'll do that too
Said Billy Blue
If you give me some.

Can you chew
One or Two,
Or could you chew more?

I can chew
More than two,
Maybe three or four.

Can you
Blow a bubble
Bigger than your thumb?

I can
Blow a bubble
Bigger than a plum.

Can you
Blow a bubble
Bigger than a cat?

I can
Blow a bubble
Much, much bigger than that.

How about a basketball?
Can you blow
A bubble up that large?

I can blow one
Twice the size,
It is not very hard.

Can you
Blow a bubble
As big as a horse or cow?

Billy said
Of course I can
Let me show you how.

What about your father's car?
Can you blow one
Just as big?

If I had more gum
I could blow one,
I think I could, I think!

If we gave you
One more piece
Could you blow one then?

I do not think
That is enough,
Perhaps I could with ten.

Billy Blue
Chewed and chewed
Until his jaw grew weak.

When he was done
All that gum
Filled up both his cheeks.

He began to blow
A bubble
Bigger than his head.

He blew until
You could see
Billy's face turn red.

Billy kept on blowing
He had not
Finished yet.

As he blew
No-one knew
How big it would get.

The more he blew
The more it grew
Bigger than a tent.

The bubble grew
To the size
Of an elephant.

We dare you
Billy Blue
Blow a little more.

Billy blew
A bubble bigger
Than the house next door.

A wind came up
And Billy's feet
Came up off the ground.

Billy floated
Higher than
Anything around.

Higher than a house
Much higher
Than a tree.

Billy Blue
Could not let go
He was too high, you see.

He sailed
Over a mountain
Up into a cloud.

Billy Blue
Sailed so high
No-one could see him now.

Billy Blue
Rose up and up
Too high for anyone.

Billy Blue
Was worried
He would sail into the sun.

But, as he watched
The sun go down
The sky filled up with stars.

Billy Blue
Kept on sailing
After it got dark.

Billy wondered
Where he would land
And would it happen soon?

Billy finally
Landed on
The surface of the moon.

He sat down
By a crater
And watched his bubble burst.

Billy Blue
Wanted to
Come back down to earth.

But Billy knew
He had no gum
To blow another bubble.

It's funny how
Too much gum
Had caused him all this trouble.

So, Billy Blue
Decided to
Make the moon his home.

But, don't feel sad
For Billy Blue
He is not there alone.

Billy and
The man in the moon
Became the best of friends.

If you look real close
You can see them both
Every now and then.

So, unless you
Want to join them,
Living on the moon instead

Never ever
Blow a bubble
Bigger than your head.