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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


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The Humpalump Tale

Small bits and bites
have storyline in my head
this one could take a while


Seasons come and
Seasons go
They change the weather
As you know.

Spring brings rain
And thundershowers
That help things grow
Like trees and flowers.

Summer is
A special treat
Filled with sunshine
And the heat.

Autumn turns
The leaves to brown
And scatters them
Upon the ground.

Winter comes
And brings the snow.
It's much too cold
As seasons go.

When this cycle
Reaches end
It repeats all over
And over again.

Seasons come and
Seasons go
It's nature's own
Little weather show.

Onward and upward and forward we go
Into the land of ice and snow
Seeking adventure jump after jump
Behold! The Mighty Humpalump.


Final verse:

Pound for pound or
Ounce for ounce
In the end of ends
It's what you THINK that counts.