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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


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absotively posilutely sheer nonsense


Meet me at noon oíclock
At the corner of Walk and Donít Walk
Iím the one that sounds like a clock
Because I make a tic when I talk.


Standing in the alley
With Billie-Sue and Sally
We wonít dilly-dally
On our way to Cal-E-forn- I - A.


Way down yonder in the everglades
Sipping lemonade in the evening shade.
A crocodile smiles at me and you
In a way that only they can do.

Dew-due-do. Dew-due-do-dew.

Laying on my pillow
Beneath a weeping willow
As clouds begin to billow
They look like an armadillo.

Low-lo-low. Lo-low-lo-low.

If pigeons had a smidgeon of intelligence or sense And they catch you by a statue as you lean against a fence
Have you heard that these birds do not discriminate?
They cover you with what was once was it was they ate.

Eight-ate-eight. Ate-eight-ate-eight.

Wetter is not better if it rains upon your head
And the water could be hotter if you have a bath instead.
If you stop to catch raindrops theyíll soak you through and through
Youíll catch the rain and a cold; perhaps the sniffles too.

Two-to-too. Two-to-too-two.

My rabbit has a habit of hopping on my bed
With ears like those youíd think heíd hear every word I said.
I told him not to do it even though he thinks itís fun
But all my words go in one ear and out the other one.

Won-one-won. One-won-one-won.

My loafers look like gophers and my sneakers look like clowns
And the zippers on my slippers are for ever zipping down.
Kangaroos in running shoes are pounding at my door.
When I answer, they wonít tell me who theyíre looking for.

Four-fore-for. Four-fore-for-four.

The Yeti eats spaghetti
Yet he wonít eat till heís ready.
This may sound kind of petty
But thatís the way that Yetis getti.

Tea-tee-tea. Tee-tea-tee-tea.

LLamas wear pyjamas when they sleep out in the cold
And the grammy in my family likes to knit but she needs wool
So, gramma shears the llamas as they sleep so they canít bite
Thatís why llamas wear pyjamas each and every night.

Knight-night-knight. Night-knight-night-knight.

Chester was a jester in his classroom at the school
Molly Brown was a clown, she always played the fool
Together in the morning they would always show up late.
When school got out they had detention, so they had to wait.

Weight-wait-weight. Wait-weight-wait-weight.

If you get in my way, weigh-whey-way
You will hear me say "Hey!", hay-hey-hay.
For shame, for shame on you, ewe-you-ewe.
Iím so sad Iím turning blue, blew-blue-blew.

If it snows upon your toes in the coldest winter season
And your nose gets kind of froze by the wind for no good reason
Remember in December to bundle up real tight
If you can barely move youíll know that you have dressed up right.

Write-right-write. Right-write-right-write.

People think Iím a kook
Because I write gobble-dee gook
Iíll prove itís not a fluke
When I put it in my buke.
OOPS! I meant to say book not buke.
Silly me.
Maybe I am a kook afterall. Oh well.


Buy-by-bye. Buy-by-bye-buy.