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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


Gerome's Poems About Gnomes
Everything Is Tickitty-Boo
In The Shape Of A Weezle
Have You Ever....Read A Book?
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The Humpalump Tale
The Snoodles Of Bentwick
Billy Blue
Yerks in the Works
A Farewell To Narmes
How To Trap A Zoid
How The Grinch SAVED Christmas
The Snarfle-arfle-arfellous
Rat Hat
My Gazortenflat-Gazinta
A Poem To Read
The Boohlian Zoo
Future Titles
A Poem To Read

A poem to read
A poem to read
It's time to rhyme words
Who knows where they'll lead?
On a thousand mile journey?
Or a fantasy? Indeed!
This is the magic of
A poem to read.

A boy in a box
A boy in a box
No-one talks to
The boy in the box.
He doesn't wear shoes
He never wears socks
He's very happy
The boy in the box.

A girl on a swing
A girl on a swing
She loves to hum
And she loves to sing.
Being off key doesn't
Mean a thing.
She loves the joy that
Singing can bring.

A cat on a roof
A cat on a roof
He loves to climb
This cat on a roof.
He'll never be caught
And here's the proof
He's so aloof.
The cat on the roof.

A dog in the park
A dog in the park
He loves to chase sticks
You throw in the park.
He wags his tail
And he loves to bark
When you play with
A dog in the park.

A bird in the sky
A bird in the sky
He loves to fly
Much higher than high.
He's as free as a bird
And this is why
Because he's a bird,
A bird in the sky.

A snake in the grass
A snake in the grass
Which end comes first?
Which end comes last?
Both ends look the same
When it slithers so fast
I can't make heads nor tails of
A snake in the grass.

A fish in a pool
A fish in a pool
Some swim alone,
Others in schools.
It's up to them
To make their own rules.
It would be so cool to be
A fish in a pool.

A bear in the woods
A bear in the woods
Searching for berries
And other things good.
I'd sleep all winter
If only I could
Hibernate like
A bear in the woods.

This is the end
This is the end
Should I close the book
Or read it again?
If I start at the front
And read to the end
Is this the beginning or
Is this the end?