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In The Shape Of A Weezle

A story about your family tree, your roots and appreciation of where you came from.

Chapter 1

If you ever go down to Weezletown, don't be surprised by what you see. Everyone there has the oddest shaped head that you'll ever want to see. A Weezle's ears stick out a mile. Their hair is spiked like icicles. They stare at you with beady little eyes and smile at you with a silly grin. Unless you want to laugh out loud, don't even ask about a Weezle's nose and chin. As strange as they look, the one thing you could say about all the Weezles in Weezletown was that they were all happy. And proud.

You see, Weezletown was the only place in the whole wide world that had a Weezle Tree. What was so special about this tree? Besides being one of a kind it had one outstanding feature. All the leaves that grew on this tree were shaped like the head of a Weezle. If you held a leaf up to a Weezles head you would see that they were both exactly the same shape in every way.

That's why they built the town where they did, below the hill where the Weezle Tree grew. And that is why everyone in town's last name was Weezle, in honor of the Weezle Tree. They even had an official anthem which they sang every day, " Oh, Weezle Tree In Weezletown (Forever We'll Be Weezles)."

Oh, Weezle Tree in Weezletown
Forever do we pledge
To honor thee, Oh Weezle Tree
With leaves shaped like our heads.

Your branches are for climbing,
Your shade is cool and free
All our hopes and all our dreams
Blossom in your leaves.

Oh, Weezle Tree in Weezletown
Forever We'll be Weezles.

The Weezle Tree was so grand and so tall that it could be seen from any spot in town. This is what made Weezles so happy. Seeing the Weezle Tree made them proud of who they were and reminded them of why they called themselves Weezles. Who else do you know has a tree with leaves shaped like their heads? Nobody I bet!

A beautiful park was built around the tree for everyone's pleasure and enjoyment. In the summer they would have picnics in its shade. At Christmas time it was decorated with lights. Everyone would gather around it and sing Christmas carols. Tourists would come for near and far to have their pictures taken sitting on the tire swing hanging from the Weezle Tree. The whole town prospered from the business of the visitors they had all year round. Life could not be better.

Chapter 2

One autumn day when the leaves began to fall, as Woodrow Weezle stood in the park, he noticed a leaf land right at his feet. Although all the leaves had the same shape, this one looked more like him than any of the others. This must be a lucky charm he thought to himself. So he took it home and placed it under his pillow for safe keeping. That night before he went to bed he gently held the Weezle leaf and made a wish. Then he put it back under his pillow and peacefully went to sleep.

Next morning when he woke up and looked out the window he could not believe his eyes. The thing that he had wished for was waiting for him out on his front lawn. His wish really had come true.

Woodrow Weezle was so excited that he rushed out into the street still wearing his pajamas and started yelling "The Weezle Tree has magical powers!! The Weezle Tree has magical powers!!!"

Not watching where he was going, he slipped on some ice and landed with his face buried in the snow. As he got up and brushed himself off a crowd began to gather. "What is all the commotion about?" asked Wendy Weezle. To which Woodrow answered " The Weezle Tree has magical powers." He then explained how this all had come about and how it happened. He told them he had placed a piece of the Weezle Tree under his pillow, made a wish, then went to sleep. When he woke up his wish had joyously come true. He was beside himself he was so happy.

Everyone was absolutely amazed and curious. Could this really be? Was there really magic in the Weezle Tree? A great debate followed. After some time they came to a decision. There was only one way to find out and that was to try it for themselves and see. All they each needed was to get a good piece of the Weezle Tree.

Word spread very quickly throughout the town. Everyone was in a frenzy. Imagine all the wonderful things they could wish for. New cars! New clothes! New toys! New everything! New! New! New! Every last thing in town could be brand spanking new. Who could resist such a temptation? There was no limit to what they could wish for.

Not one person wanted to waste another second so they raced down the street trying to keep ahead of everybody else. Some people were pushing and others were shoving as they made their way up the hill in Weezlehead Park where the Weezle Tree grew. They knew that the first one there would get the best pieces of Weezle Tree and as a result would get the most and best wishes.

People began ripping leaves off of the tree, snapping twigs and breaking branches. They came with knives and saws and axes, cutting and sawing and chopping. Wood chips and leaves were flying everywhere. These were gathered up and stuffed into shopping bags. Children brought their wagons and loaded them up with every scrap of tree that hit the ground. Some branches were too heavy to carry so they tied a rope around them and dragged them home.

What a noise they made. People were yelling and screaming on top of all the busy sounds of the knives and saws and axes cutting and sawing and chopping. It was all too much for one little boy named Winston Weezle. He had to cover his ears as he stood and watched everyone collect as much Weezle Tree as they could carry. He did not understand why everyone would do such a terrible thing. Did they not have a great town to live in? And a great tree? What could they possibly wish for? They had a lot more to be thankful for than most people. And, on top of it all, they were already very happy.
What more could they possibly wish for?

He tried asking but no-one would listen to him. They were all much too busy to hear what he had to say. Sadly he watched as the tree became smaller and smaller. As people hacked and chopped it looked more like a telephone pole than a tree. A few more chops and it was smaller than a bush. Then it resembled a picket from a fence and finally before you knew it, it was gone. There was nothing left of the once mighty Weezle Tree.

They had stripped all the leaves from the branches until it was bare. They chopped the branches from the tree and last but not least they took the tree itself, the trunk, the bark, roots and all. All they left was a big hole in the ground where the Weezle Tree used to be.

Everybody excitedly rushed home with their magic charms. They could not wait to make all their wishes come true. Weezlehead Park was empty except for Winston Weezle. He stood all alone at the edge of the hole and shook his head in dismay. He missed the tree already.

As he turned to go he spotted something sticking out from under a rock. It was a tiny branch that everyone else had missed. This was all that was left of the once mighty Weezle Tree. He carefully picked it up and put it in his pocket then slowly walked home.

Chapter 3

Tomorrow would be a glorious day in Weezletown. Everything would be new, and better, and even more wonderful than it already was. And there would be more of everything. More! More! More! It all sounded too good to be true

That night the whole town followed Woodrow Weezle's instructions on making a wish. They held a piece of Weezle Tree gently in their hands, made a wish then placed it softly under their pillow and with smiles on their faces dozed off to sleep. Yes, tomorrow was going to be a glorious day in Weezletown.

Early in the morning, before the sun had even cleared the hill where the Weezle Tree once stood people were waking up. Everywhere in town they started looking for their valuable new possessions. They looked under their beds, in their closets, in their kitchens
and garages. But, they found nothing. Where were all the magic gifts they had wished for? Perhaps they were outside! Woodrow Weezle said he got his wish when he looked outside. That must be it.

All the front doors of every house in Weezletown opened at exactly the same time. Every Weezle stepped outside, looked around and all together they sighed one big sorrowful sigh. Everything was the same as it was yesterday. Not one thing had changed. Not one thing was new. Not wish was answered. Not one wish had come true.

The Mayor of Weezletown, one Wally Weezle, suggested that perhaps they had done something wrong in the way that they made their wishes. "Woodrow Weezle should have the answer. After all, his wish came true. Let's go see what he has to say." Wendy Weezle and the rest of the crowd agreed.

The whole town marched up to Woodrow Weezle's house and pounded on his door. They demanded that he open up so that they could learn more. Woodrow rubbed his weary eyes, got out of bed and opened his door. "What are you disturbing me so early in the morning for?" he asked the crowd.

Wendy Weezle said "We'd like to know what we did wrong. Not one of our wishes came true. Was there something that we missed or something we did not do?"

"Hmmm!" replied Woodrow. "I do not understand it either. Maybe you wished for way too much. Try asking for something small at first, that might work."

Suddenly someone realized that in all the excitement and haste of yesterdays events that they had forgotten to ask Woodrow Weezle what he had wished for.

"Snow." was his answer. "All I wished for was that it would snow. It makes the town look so nice and clean. I love the look of snow, so that is what I wished for, snow."

Everyone was stunned! Their eyes bulged out and their chins dropped. They stared at him with their mouths wide open. They could not believe their ears. This was his fantastic wish that had come true? Surely there must be some mistake? He must be joking.

Curious like all little boys are, Winston Weezle reached up and tugged at the hem of Woodrows nightshirt. "Excuse me Sir, but there is nothing magical in that at all. Don't you know that it always snows in Weezletown around this time of year?"

"Are you sure?" asked Woodrow.

"Yes!!" everyone sternly echoed together.

"Oh! Sorry." Was all that he could say. "How silly of me!"

What had they all done? How foolish could they be? The Weezle Tree had no magical powers. There was no such thing as magic and now there was no tree. Everyone was embarrassed and ashamed of what they had done. They had destroyed the Weezle Tree for no reason at all. They did not deserve to be called Weezles. How had they become so greedy? Everything was so perfect yesterday. If only there was some way to bring the Weezle Tree back. But there wasn't.

Bowing their heads in shame and dragging their feet, everybody slowly and sadly went home. Today was not such a glorious day in Weezletown after all.

Chapter 4

Winston Weezle did not feel like going home just yet. So he wandered aimlessly around Weezletown until he found himself at Weezlehead Park. He sat on a bench and watched the snowflakes fall, slowly covering the hole where the Weezle Tree once grew. It was getting a little chilly. He turned up his collar and slid his hands into his coat pockets to keep them warm. One hand felt the small branch he had saved. This was all that remained of the Weezle Tree.

Without knowing why Winston decided to plant it by the hole. He knew it would not grow but he did it anyway as a final tribute to the Weezle Tree. He dug a small hole, placed the scrawny twig in it and packed dirt all around it so that it stood up straight.

As he was kneeling there he gently cupped it in his hands and said, "Although we don't deserve it, with all my heart I wish that you would grow." He stood and proudly sang the Weezletown anthem. "Oh Weezle Tree in Weezletown, Forever We'll be Weezles."

The snow was falling heavier now and it didn't take long to completely cover the Weezle twig. When the tip disappeared below the surface of the snow Winston Weezle walked down the hill and made his way home.

Chapter 5

Winter came in full force. It was the longest, coldest winter anyone could recall. Or maybe it just seemed that way. No-one was happy. Not with themselves. Not without their prized Weezle Tree. The whole town was disheartened. It seemed as though the sun never shone as bright if and when it decided to come out. Even the songs of the birds who wintered there sounded sad. It almost sounded like they were singing "No Weezle Tree in Weezletown, shame on all you Weezles!"
Life was down right miserable. No-one seemed to care about anything anymore. Every time they looked up at the hill where the Weezle Tree once stood it was a constant reminder of how foolish they had been. Winter slowly dragged on.

Chapter 6

Eventually spring finally arrived. The sun was shining a little brighter, birds were singing sweeter songs and the snow began to melt. Still no-one felt quite right. Would they ever be truly happy again? No-one was sure.

On his way home from school one day Winston Weezle gazed up at Weezlehead Park. He remembered the twig that he had planted when the snow first began to fall. It seemed so long ago that he had forgotten all about it for the whole winter. But, spring had sprung. Perhaps this was a sign the town's fortunes were going to change for the better.

Deciding he had nothing to lose, Winston plodded his way through the deep snow towards the park. Not one person had ventured this way since they cut down the Weezle Tree. The park was just an endless blanket of snow. Not even one footprint spoiled its smooth surface. People were just too ashamed to go there anymore.

As he looked around Winston became puzzled. Every spot he searched was the same as the next. They were all smooth white blankets of snow. He would never find the right spot, the one where he planted the Weezle twig. The snow was way too deep. If he waited until it melted a little more the right spot might be easier to find. Tomorrow would be a better time he thought and turned to go.

Before he reached the edge of the park a break opened up in the clouds and a single ray of sunshine beamed down like a spotlight. To Winston's surprise he saw the tip of a plant spring up from under the snow where the ray of sunlight touched the ground. Carefully he brushed away the snow around it. Guess what he saw? It was the Weezle twig he had planted and it was growing! And on that stick of a twig was a tiny new branch and from that branch hung one tiny new leaf, in the shape of a Weezle!

This was a glorious day for Weezletown but Winston was the only one who knew it. He decided to keep it a secret until he was sure that this new Weezle Tree was going to grow big and strong. He did not want to get anyone's hopes up.

Chapter 7

All that spring and summer too Winston lovingly cared for the tiny plant. When the sun beat down and it was too hot he would water it and shade it with an umbrella. If the wind blew too hard he would hover over it and shield it with his coat. When bugs crawled on it he would shoo them away. He even talked to the plant because he had heard that it was good for them. There wasn't anything about Winston or Weezletown that the Weezle Tree did not know by the time he was finished talking. The Weezle Tree grew and grew. By the end of the summer it was almost as tall as he was. Leaves covered all of the branches and it was healthy and growing strong.

Tomorrow was the first day back to school. Winston knew the time had come to let the town in on his little secret. Someone else would have to care for the tree while he attended school. This was definitely the right time to let everyone know. With his hands cupped around his mouth Winston faced the town and yelled as loud as he could.

"The Weezle Tree has magical powers! The Weezle Tree has grown back! Everybody listen to me, the Weezle Tree is back!"

From the town all that anyone could see was Winston's head peeking up over the top of the hill in Weezlehead Park. But they could hear him just fine. The whole town started buzzing. Wendy Weezle hollered back at him "What is all the commotion about?"

"Come see for yourselves, if you really want to know." replied Winston. Every Weezle in town headed towards Weezlehead Park. As each one of them came over the crest of the hill and saw the Weezle Tree tears came to their eyes. It was unbelievable. This was a miracle. Weezletown once again had a Weezle Tree. Everyone gathered around and sang the Weezletown Anthem with all their hearts.

Oh, Weezle Tree in Weezletown
Forever do we pledge
To honor thee, oh Weezle Tree
With leaves shaped like our heads.

Your branches are for climbing,
Your shade is cool and free
All our hopes and all our dreams
Blossom in your leaves.

Oh, Weezle Tree in Weezletown
Forever We'll be Weezles.

Almost as if by magic it felt like a great weight had been lifted from their shoulders. No-one would walk around with a heavy heart anymore. The whole town was happy and cheerful once more. They vowed never to do anything as foolish as they had done again. This was their pledge to the Weezle Tree. And they kept their word. This was positively the most glorious day in the history of Weezletown.

Chapter 8

As the years went by the Weezle Tree kept growing and growing until it was just as grand and magnificent as it was before. Once again people began having picnics in the park. Someone even built a new tire-swing and hung it from one of the tree's strongest branches. At Christmas time they decorated it with lights and sang Christmas Carols. Even the tourists started coming back to have their pictures taken in the shade of the world's one and only Weezle Tree. The town flourished and prospered once again.

Every Weezle in Weezletown could not stop smiling. They were so happy and proud to be Weezles. Whenever they gazed at the Weezle tree and sang their town anthem it always brought tears to their eyes. You could see the pride glowing in their faces. Life was good.

They now knew that they did not need magic or wishes to be happy. They already had a lot to be thankful for, a wonderful town, friends and family, and a wonderful park with a very special tree that they would care for and protect forever. The tree had given them so much that they were glad to give something in return. It made them happy. What could be more magical than that?

Now whenever they see the Weezle Tree standing so proudly on the hill in Weezlehead Park they think to themselves, maybe the Weezle Tree has some magic in it after all. And every day in Weezletown from that day on was a glorious one.

So, if you ever go down to Weezletown, be sure to visit Weezlehead Park and see the world's one and only Weezle Tree. You know, the one with leaves in the shape of a Weezle.