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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


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My Gazortenflat-Gazinta

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

I love to drive my Gazortenflat-Gazinta
Itís the very best car you can get yourself inta
Itís great in the summer; even better in the winta.
Thatís why I drive a Gazortenflat-Gazinta.

My Gazortenflat-Gazinta is a very special car
It beats the others by a mile and a mile is pretty far.
People stare in awe as I pass them where they are
In my Gazortenflat-Gazinta I am treated like a star.

A Gazortenflat-Gazinta is a spectacle to see
With itís buttons and itís gadgets and itís fine accessories.
It has all the bells and whistles; itís as flashy as can be,
Itís the ring-a-ding-dong dandy of the auto industry.

And hereís the one fact that makes it so incredible
If you ever get stranded, it is totally edible.
Itís made from chocolate, meat and pastry, even fruits and vegetables
Thatís why Gazortenflat-Gazintas are so unforgettable.

Have you ever seen a car that had headlights made of cheese?
Or baloney bumpers that were surely made to please.
With licorice running boards almost everyone agrees
A Gazortenflat-Gazinta car is the beeís knees.

So I drive my car with itís pizza steeringwheel
And if I ever park it makes a mighty fine meal.
You can eat banana headrests and throw away the peels
Because a Gazortenflat-Gazinta is a meal on wheels.

With a body made of gingerbread and cottoncandy seats
Almost every part is made from yummy yummy treats
It has four donut wheels and hubcaps oh so sweet,
On the dashboard all the knobs are made from sugarbeets.

The button on the left creates a scooter made of candycanes
And the switch upon the right opens an umbrella when it rains
It can turn into a helicopter or a choo-choo train,
Sometimes it is a motorbike, a boat or aeroplane.

But my very favorite gadget of all the ones Iíve seen
Is the one that turns my car into a submarine.
I can drive it under water and this beautiful machine
Never needs gas because it runs on pork and beans.

So, if youíre ever hungry and you have someplace to be
A Gazortenflat-Gazinta is the vehicle you need.
I promise youíll enjoy it, thatís my guarantee; because
They're so much fun to drive and much more fun to eat.

And that's my Gazortenflat-Gazinta.

Yeah! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!