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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


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The Snarfle-arfle-arfellous

Who helps you do
All those silly things you do?
Like smear peanut butter
On the socks inside your shoes.
Who makes you smile
When youíre feeling kind of blue?
Why, the Snarfle-arfle-arfellous
Thatís who!

Wiggle your smelly toes
Put ketchup on your nose
Dress backwards in your clothes
And ride upon a bus.

Plug your ears and blink your eyes
Stack pancakes six feet high
Say "Hello" and wave goodbye
To all the rest of us.

Who letís you say
All those funny things you say?
Like "Santa eats bananas
When the reindeer are at play."
Who makes you happy
Just because youíre you?
Why, the Snarfle-arfle-arfellous
Thatís who!

You wonít need a baby-sitter
With a Snarfle-arfle-arfellous as a friend
Things may get a little crazy
But they work out in the end.

So, if life is kind of humdrum
Please come join the rest of us
What you should do is get yourself
A Snarfle-arfle-arfellous.

Now, some people say that
The Snarfle-arfle-arfellous
Is absolutely, positively

But those of us who know
The Snarfle-arfle-arfellous
Say it is absotively, posilutely

After all...

Who puts the fun
In almost everything you do?
When you hop around the house
Like a baby kangaroo.
Who can make a rainbow
On a cloudy afternoon?
Why, the Snarfle-arfle-arfellous
That's who!

Dance like an alley cat
Sing songs about a bat
Make noises like a rat
And let your hair go frizzy.

Run around a kitchen chair
Flap your arms up in the air
Growl like a grizzly bear
And spin until youíre dizzy.

Who is the king
Of doing silly things?
Like standing on one leg
Until the doorbell rings.
Who wakes you in the morning
With a cock-a doodle-doo?
Why, the Snarfle-arfle-arfellous
Thatís who!

just a quick start
on an idea