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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


Gerome's Poems About Gnomes
Everything Is Tickitty-Boo
In The Shape Of A Weezle
Have You Ever....Read A Book?
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The Humpalump Tale
The Snoodles Of Bentwick
Billy Blue
Yerks in the Works
A Farewell To Narmes
How To Trap A Zoid
How The Grinch SAVED Christmas
The Snarfle-arfle-arfellous
Rat Hat
My Gazortenflat-Gazinta
A Poem To Read
The Boohlian Zoo
Future Titles
Gerome's Poems About Gnomes

A collection of short poems about gnomes and the good side of being vertically challenged (it's fun being a kid).

Gnome Poem #1: The Secret Life of Gnomes

We are the gnomes who live in your homes
Have you ever heard of us?
We are the ones who are loads of fun
And we're slightly mischievous.

When you blink we slither and slink
We hide when your eyes are wide open
Nobody knows we lurk in the shadows
At least that is what we all hope.

We are the elves who watch you from shelves
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
We love to tease and make you sneeze
And mess up your freshly combed hair.

We tug at your socks; when you try to walk
We tie your shoe laces together.
We'll untuck your shirt; fill your pockets with dirt
And tickle your nose with a feather.

We are the trolls who jump out of holes
There is no place that we cannot be.
We are the guys who make the wind rise
When your kite gets caught up in a tree.

We bring the clouds and we bring the rain
We tempt you to jump in mud puddles.
We put the sloshes in your galoshes
And cause you all sorts of troubles.

We are the dwarves that push on your doors
And make that annoying squeaky noise
We love to laugh when you turn your back
And hide all of your favorite toys.

We are the scamps who hide behind lamps
We make your lights flutter and flicker.
If you see a spark somewhere in the dark
You just missed us, you'll have to be quicker.

We are the sprites who come out at night
When the world is falling asleep.
We help you slide inside of your dreams
And put numbers on all of the sheep.

These are the secrets of the gnomes
That we have shared with you.
Don't tell a soul the things that you know
Keep our secret what ever you do.


Gnome Poem #2: A Short Poem

I'm not too tall but that's okay
There are better things to be anyway.

People come in every shape and kind
And the way I am suits me just fine.

There are many good things about being short
Here are some samples from my report:

When snowflakes fall, if you think of it,
You are the last one that they hit.

Walking under trees some people get stuck
You don't even have to duck.

When Christmas lists need delivery
You're small enough to sit on Santa's knee.

When you're playing hide and seek
You won't be found until next week.

Short or tall, it's plain to see
Which of these I'd rather be.

I'd rather tell jokes that make people laugh
Than be as tall as a giraffe.

I'd rather learn to play guitar
Than be tall enough to jump over cars.

I'd rather be an actor in a play
Than be too tall for a doorway.

I'd rather have friends and family
Than be taller than a tree.

I'd rather blend in with the crowd
Than have my head stuck in the clouds.

I'd rather not grow too tall too soon
Than bump my head upon the moon.

I'd rather read books about Earth and Mars
Than tangle my hair up in the stars.

And the very best thing about being small,
If I ever trip,
I don't have very far to fall.