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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


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The Snoodles Of Bentwick

Remember, spay or neuter your pets.

Snoodles come from Bentwick
A town just south of here
As far as anyone knew
There were only two
Snoodles from year to year.

So, no-one seemed to mind
As they watched the Snoodles play
They stuck together
Like two birds of a feather
And never got in anyone's way.

If you ever saw a Snoodle
You'd be tempted to take one home
They are cuddly and cute
And fluffy to boot.
Could you resist wanting one of your own?

There is only one simple rule
That you should never break
Snoodles are not for petting
Or playing
That would be a huge mistake.

A Snoodle will follow you to school
It will wait, then follow you home
Once a Snoodle becomes attached to you
It just won't leave you alone.

Here's a little secret
That only Bentwicks knew
There are thousands and thousands
Of Snoodles in hiding,
But they only come out in twos.

So, if you ever pet a Snoodle
Be aware of what happens next
All the Snoodles
Come out of hiding
To find where the missing one went.

At first you'll spot them here and there
Searching for their friend
They will not leave a stone unturned
Or a bush they will not bend.

The longer this search takes
The more Snoodles will come out
They'll just keep coming and coming
In wave after wave
So, my friend, you had better watch out.

We'll all be knee-deep in Snoodles
And there won't be a thing we can do
They'll just keep coming
And coming and coming
Until all the Snoodles are loose.

If you've ever seen what a Snoodle can do
It would make you pull out your hair
They tear things apart
Just for a lark
Any time, anyplace, anywhere.

There'll be oodles of Snoodles
Yes, oodles of Snoodles
Every place that you want to be.
Snoodles in cars, Snoodles in houses,
Snoodles hanging from a tree.

There are Snoodles who break windows
Snoodles who slam doors
Snoodles who will eat
Your best friend's candy,
And Snoodles who will eat yours.

There'll be oodles and oodles of Snoodles.
Everywhere you go
Snoodles dancing in the fog and the rain,
Snoodles playing in the snow.

There are Snoodles who do voodoo
Snoodles who throw rocks
Snoodles who hide in brown paper bags
And Snoodles who live in a box.

There'll be oodles and oodles and boodles of Snoodles
Everywhere you look
Snoodles taking pictures of each other and
Snoodles reading books.

There'll be Snoodles walking poodles
Some Snoodles walking without
Snoodles to the north of us,
To the east, the west and the south.

There are Snoodles who eat noodles
Some Snoodles like eating pie
There are Snoodles with poodles
Who like eating noodles and
Stuffing their mouths with pie.

There'll be oodles and boodles and zoodles of Snoodles
Here, there and everywhere
If you kindly ask them to stop
What they are doing
They pretend you aren't even there.

There will be so many Snoodles
Creating such a mess
All you can do
Is wait until they are through
You can do nothing more or less.

Sometimes this could take days,
Or a week, a month or a year
They will not slow down
Until their lost friend is found
Only then will they disappear.

So, if you ever
Think of petting a Snoodle
I hope you will think twice
Whatever you do
Just say no to a Snoodle
Or else you will pay the price.


"NIKKI" M.I.A. January 2001