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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


Gerome's Poems About Gnomes
Everything Is Tickitty-Boo
In The Shape Of A Weezle
Have You Ever....Read A Book?
More Gnome Poems
The Humpalump Tale
The Snoodles Of Bentwick
Billy Blue
Yerks in the Works
A Farewell To Narmes
How To Trap A Zoid
How The Grinch SAVED Christmas
The Snarfle-arfle-arfellous
Rat Hat
My Gazortenflat-Gazinta
A Poem To Read
The Boohlian Zoo
Future Titles
More Gnome Poems

Time to get silly!


Gnome Poem #3: Magic Magic

Magic! Magic!
Are you here?
We appear.

Magic! Magic!
Gnomes are we.
Magic gmones
Of mystery.

Magic! Magic!
Is not hard.
Frammin' on the gym-jam!
Pick a card.

Magic! Magic!
If you try,
The hand is quicker
Than the eye.

Magic! Magic!
In the air.
There is nothing there.

Magic! Magic!
Find the card
Behind your ear.

Magic! Magic!
From the kitchen.
You're a chicken!

Magic! Magic!
Change you back.
Pull a rabbit
From my hat.

Magic! Magic!
Whim and wham.
Watch what happens,

Magic! Magic!
If you yawn,
We are gone.



Gnome Poem #4 Make Way For The Gnomes

Sound the alarm!
Sound the alarm I say!
The gnomes are coming!
The gnomes are coming this way!

Beat your pots and pans
Beat them from all angles
Bang a gong, ring a bell
And loudly clang triangles.

Clear the streets!
Clear the streets one and all.
Stand up on the sidewalk
Stand up against a wall.

Gather up your dogs and cats
Gather them up inside your houses.
Find your children and their friends
Find your cousins and their spouses.

Prepare yourself for when they come
When the gnomes come into town
Everyone knows, yes, everyone knows
Gnomes put on the best parade around.

So, beat your pots and pans
Beat them again and again.
Bang a gong, ring a bell
And the gnomes will entertain.

Here they come! Here they come!
Here they come at last.
So, make a path everybody
Everybody make a path.

Give three cheers for the gnomes
And three cheers for their kin
Everybody is ready already
So let the show begin.

Gnome Poem #5 Random Rhymes

No known gnomes know any gnomes
Now known as the gnome named Gerome.

Older gnomes have brittle bones
Younger gnomes do not.
Nimble gnomes tumble home
A rolling gnome gathers no moss.

Gnomes need noodles
Not new needles.

No-one knows gnome noses
Like gnomes know gnome noses.
Its been known that gnomes
Have grown new noses.

Gnome's names never change
Gnome's names stay the same.

A gnome named Stu knew a gnu.
Stu knew a gnu, do you?

A gnome's nose began to glow,
He curled and froze his toes.
Now he's known by every gnome
As the glowing nosed, frozen toed gnome.

Nine blind mimes find nine fine lime-lined mines.
Nary a gnome found a home nor a blind mime's lime-lined mine.

A chrome-domed gnome
Has no use for a comb.
There's no hair up there.

Gnomes look weird
Without their beards.

It has been shown
That gnomes who use phones
Are never alone.

If you are selective
When choosing a detective
Just pick up the phone
And ask for one of us,
We're The Sherlock Gnomes.

Seven coycat gnomes
Sitting on a fence
One fell off,
None were left.

Gnomes in homes know
Gerome's poems about gnomes.

Give me a gnome where the leprechauns roam
And the dwarves and the elves and imps play
Where seldom we scold a grumpy old troll
And the sprites have got nothing to say.
Gnome, gnome on the range
Where the dwarves and the elves and imps play
Where seldom we scold a grumpy old troll
And the sprites have got nothing to say.