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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


Gerome's Poems About Gnomes
Everything Is Tickitty-Boo
In The Shape Of A Weezle
Have You Ever....Read A Book?
More Gnome Poems
The Humpalump Tale
The Snoodles Of Bentwick
Billy Blue
Yerks in the Works
A Farewell To Narmes
How To Trap A Zoid
How The Grinch SAVED Christmas
The Snarfle-arfle-arfellous
Rat Hat
My Gazortenflat-Gazinta
A Poem To Read
The Boohlian Zoo
Future Titles
Rat Hat

A color and cutout hat for kids



Right click on image
Select "Save image as"
Save to a file
Open file
Print on thick cover paper
(You may have to select "Fit to page")
Cut out on orange lines
Fold up on upper green lines and insert tab into slot.
Staple, glue or tape tab in place.
Fold down on green lines beside the nose.
Attach a strip of cover paper or elastic to tabs on
each side of rat face for a headband.
Put on head.