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Absotively Posilutely Seuss


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Full Title:

If You Dawdle When You Waddle

(still needs a bit of work)


I was sitting in the dark
When much to my surprise
Staring back at me I saw
A tiny pair of eyes.

I wondered who this soul could be
That watched me from the gloom
After all, I thought I was
Alone here in my room.

"Hello" I said, "How are you?"
"Do you have a name?"
I waited in the darkness
But no answer came.

I think I’ve seen these eyes before
But I don’t know when or where
They seemed so familiar, yet
All they did was stare.

The silence was not spooky
As they beckoned me to play
Those eyes looked kind and gentle
In a friendly sort of way.

What could I do but stare right back
And play their game, I think
Both of us were waiting for
The other one to blink.

We stared and stared, oh, how we stared
Then we stared a little more
Minutes seemed like hours
And my eyes were getting sore.

"So, let me ask you one more time
I beg you, please, confess
If you won’t tell me who you are
Then I will have to guess".

Give me a sign if I am cold
Or when I’m getting hot
But first I will eliminate
The things that you are not.

You are not a bogeyman,
Or a goblin or a ghost.
I’ve been told there’s no such things
By the ones I trust the most.

You cannot be an angel
If you don’t have any wings
And judging by your silence
You’re not anything that sings.

You are not a grizzly bear
Or a dog, a frog or cat.
You are not a monkey
Or a rabbit or a cat.

Am I getting closer
Or farther with each try?
I waited for an answer...
Not one word was my reply.

If you cackle like a chicken
Instead of going cluck
If you dawdle when you waddle
Then you are not a duck.

If you slink instead of slither
If you frown but never smile
And the tears you shed are real
You are not a crocodile.

You could not be a beaver
Or a weasel, snake or spider
Nor a giraffe or zebra
Or a buffalo or tiger.

Am I closer yet
Or farther with each try?
I waited for an answer...
But I still got no reply.

If you stretch your legs inside an egg
Until the shell is gone
You may be an ugly duckling
Or turnout to be a swan.

But, if you softly whisper
So low you can’t be heard
Or you’re burpin’ when you’re chirpin’
Then you cannot be a bird.

If you dilly when you dally
Then you cannot be a snail.
If you’re flippin’ when you’re floppin’
You cannot be a whale.

Am I closer yet
Or farther with each try?
I waited for an answer...
But I still got no reply.

If you don’t like bananas
Because they never thrill ya’
And your arms won’t reach the ground
Then you are no gorilla.

You cannot be an owl
Or a penguin, fox or goose
You are not a lizzard
Or a buzzard or a moose.

If you shriek instead of squeek
When you hide inside my house
I have my doubts that you would be
A tiny little mouse.

What can you be? What can you be?
I have no guesses left to try
Who could be the stranger hidden
Behind this pair of eyes?

Then my curiosity got the best of me
I could not wait at all.
I reached up and I flicked
The switch upon the wall.

When the lights came on
It all became much clearer
For you see, silly me
Had been looking in a mirror.